Manav Sewa is True Madhav Sewa.

Service to Humanity is Service to God.

About Ankitgram

Founded on the principle of “Manav Sewa – Madhav Sewa” i.e. Service to Humanity is Service to God by Shri Sudhir Bhai Goyal “Bhai Ji” on January 26th, 1989, “Ankitgram” Sewadham Ashram is the main unit of Ujjaini Senior Citizen’s Forum (USCF).

A nationally and internationally known inter-faith & non-partisan voluntary organization, Ankitgram is a lifetime shelter and rehabilitation home where the homeless, differently able, mentally ill, orphaned children with special needs, dying and destitute people from across the country who have been abandoned by their families and societies at large, find love and care without any discrimination of caste, creed, language, region, age and gender.  Married and unmarried mothers, including mentally ill pregnant women also find safe shelter and care here.  Many of the residents here are those who are suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses. 

Sewadham is a voluntary organization running exclusively on public support it receives from individuals and corporates. Ever since 1989, “Ankitgram” has been a home for people who were abandoned by their families or their individual societies at large.


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“Ankitgram” Sewadham Ashram is located 15 kilometres from Mahakal Temple and in outskirts of Ujjain City inside Mahakal Van (Forest) Area at serene and picturesque location on the banks of Gambira River (near Gambhir Dam Reservoir).  Spread over 25 acres (41 Bigha), “Ankitgram” has best of the class infrastructure and facilities for personal and corporate events like over 50 rooms for accommodation of guests, large dining hall, dormitories for group stay, two large banquet halls and a conference room for 50+ attendees equipped with projectors and large LED screens, etc.

You are welcome to organize your personal functions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and corporate events like leadership offsite, team strategy meets, corporate trainings, etc. and alongside spend time with residents here who would love to be part of your celebration and meet you.

Kindly note that “Ankitgram” does not allow consumption of non-vegetarian food, alcohol, tobacco products inside it’s premises and requests it’s guests to respect these rules.

Join Hands With Us

“Ankitgram” Sewadham Ashram exists and is able to care for its residents because of the support of patrons and well-wishers like you. We humbly request all individuals, corporates and other agencies worldwide to support us in this mission of serving the marginalized section of our society and participate in the welfare services we provide.  

Join hands with us in this mission.

“Ankitgram” is currently a home to 700+ young and old residents who are differently able, mentally and physically challenged, orphaned children with special needs, suffering from chronic or terminal diseases like leprosy, paralyses, polio, cancer, TB, HIV, AIDS victims, mentally ill wed/ unwed pregnant mothers and others who are on their death beds.

At present, “Ankitgram” is spread over 25 acres (41 Bigha) and has 25+ multi-story buildings to house 700+ residents as per their age groups, ailments, mental condition and gender, staff of 80+ (paid and voluntary) administrators and caretakers to attend to residents round the clock, for accommodation of guests, and for other facilities.  Salaries of staff, medicines and medical care of residents, transportation for medical emergencies to travel to Ujjain and Indore, and further expansion of “Ankitgram” is made possible by public support and it’s patrons like you.

You can donate funds towards the same using link below.

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Recent Highlights

Aeris Offsite Meet

As part of our social commitment Aeris leadership team spent 2 days for our annual strategy meet at Ankitgram Sewadham Ashram, Ujjain.  It is in close proximity to Mahakleshwar, at its serene, peaceful and picturesque location on the banks of Gambira River.  It has access to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities for such corporate meeting. We really enjoyed and are glad that we did this meeting in the Ashram. Spent time with Sudhir Bhai, thanking him for great hospitability to Aeris team and the work he is doing for the humanity.

16th and 17th Jan 2023, is the best time spent in our life, with 800 family members in home of Ankit Gram Sewadham Ashram.

– Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar
Aeris Communications India Pvt. Ltd.

Art of Living Happiness Workshop in “Ankitgram” by Sushri Bhavna Soni on her birthday.

Dy. Chief Minister, Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis handed over 35 Divyangjan to “Ankitgram” in Nagpur.